Brageteatret joins Theatron



We welcome Brageteatret, the ninth theatre in Norway to join Theatron!

The proven efficiency and simplicity made Brageteatret choose Theatron. These decisions are what enables Mansoft to go forward and continue the development of Theatron. As each customer brings new ideas, new needs and new knowledge, we are able to grow together and keep continuing to fulfill our customer’s needs.

About Brageteatret

Brageteatret is a non-profit organization that works in Buskerud County, Norway. As a touring theatre, one of the Brageteatret’s purpose and goal is to contribute to the diversity, skills development and general strengthening of the county's overall artistic and cultural fields, by contributing to the increased and regular offering of performing arts to the entire population in Buskerud. Brageteatret places a particular emphasis on theatre with children and youth and from multicultural perspective.

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The Image is from Gutten og Stjerna, Foto: Dag Jenssen.

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