Latvian National Theatre - New user of Theatron


We are very excited to announce that Theatron has entered a new country! This time, we want to give a very warm welcome to the National Theatre of Latvia, located in Riga.

The Latvian National Theatre is one of the leading professional repertoire theatres in Latvia, a modern theatre proud of its traditions. Furthermore, the theatre’s eclectic-style building is a national monument of architecture and art. There are 3 halls in the theatre - the Big Hall (750 seats), the Actors' Hall (50-90 seats depending on the play) and the LMT New Hall (60 - 120 seats depending on the play). The theatre sees promotion of the Latvian dramaturgy as one of its most important tasks and therefore starts every season with a new production of a play by a Latvian author. The theatre also organizes National Play Competitions.

When asked about why they have chosen Theatron, the director of the theatre, Jānis Vimba, states that “Latvian National Theatre has chosen to use Theatron application in order to improve the theatre planning and the theatre team work. Considering all the necessities the Theatre had regarding the internal communication, logistics and resource management matters, this application offers a successful solution for all the above. We are new users of the application; therefore, I hope that our cooperation will be successful and the application will meet our expectations".

You can read more about Latvian National Theatre here.

Read more about Theatron in our webpage at www.theatron.eu and feel free to ask for a demo!

Best regards,
Mansof team

Heading picture provided by Latvian National Theatre



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