Frequently asked questions about Theatron

Q: For what kind of organizations is Theatron suitable?

A: Theatron is built for professional theatres looking to digitalize and centralize their production planning process. Theatron is modular and adaptable to each theatre’s needs, and for this reason, it is suitable from small to big size repertoire theatres. If your theatre is a programming venue, we also have a module adaptable for those needs. However, if you work as a freelancer or you have a team of less than 10 people, Theatron might not be the most beneficial tool for you. Feel free to check it out, though!


Q: Can I try Theatron without any commitment?

A: Yes. Please fill in the Free Trial form on the right hand side of the top menu and you will receive a 30 day free trial account for a shared Theatron demo environment.


Q: Is there a limitation on how many users can log in?

A: No, you can have as many users in both Theatron and the Intranet as needed. The number of users does not affect the Theatron fees. You can manage the user accounts yourself, create new ones and delete old ones. You also manage that what sections/pages each user can access in Theatron etc.


Q: Is my data safe with Theatron and how do you guarantee this? 

A: Yes. Theatron implements all the latest security enhancements, each Theatron is protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypting the connection between the user and Theatron and each user has a personal user account with password. Theatron enviroment is protected by dual fail safe firewalls and virus scanners. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and offsite backups are included in the service guaranteeing that you do not lose any of your production data at any point, no matter what.


Q: Is there any limitation on the data that can be uploaded?

A: Yes, by default you can upload 50 Gigabytes of documents into Theatron. More space can be purchased and production information is not counted in this amount, only files.


Q: Can I integrate Theatron into 3rd party software?

A: Yes. There are off the shelf integrations available for set of third party solutions and also a standards based API (Application Programming Interface) through which Theatron can be integrated into any third party solution.


Q: What does Theatron cost?

A: Theatron has a fixed monthly fee which is based on the company/venue/theatre's turnover class and the number of seats in the theatre/venue. Special discounts can be applied if certain conditions are met.


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