Developers of Mansoft


In this post, we would like to introduce our developers – Seppo, Tatu, and Attiq.

Seppo: In autumn 2000 I was still studying my Bachelor’s degree when the founder of Mansoft asked me to work for Mansoft. In these 18 years I have been in numerous interesting projects, I’ve seen many aspects of web development and I’ve seen how internet and web applications have grown to be the crucial part of our everyday life. Even after these 18 years at Mansoft I wake up happy in the morning to work and I’m keen to make the best possible experience to our customers. I am in the fortunate position to work at my home office and after work it’s easy to throw work things off my mind with my 1,5-year-old baby boy. He keeps me busy with my free time but every now and then I try to go fishing. “The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing” – Babylonian proverb.

Tatu joined the team as a developer in March, 2012, and in his free time he is doing coding as well.

Attiq is working for Mansoft from January 2016:

I am working here as a software developer, so I am working to develop and maintain software projects. Working environment of Mansoft is really nice and friendly.

In the upcoming post, we will tell about the founder of the company Reijo Bäckman and Managing Director Samu Bäckman.

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