IT Governance


There were simpler times when technology had less involvement and its management was less Complicated. However, times change and businesses must evolve accordingly. The role of Information Technologies (IT) has changed from a tactical tool to a strategic one and for this reason organizations must adopt an IT governance approach.

Information Systems (IS) help companies to achieve successful communication of knowledge and information. However, it is easy to get lost in digital trends and the latest state-of-the-art technology launches and forget about keeping these systems aligned with your business strategy.

It is crucial to evaluate the business and then plan the use of IT accordingly. One may think that evaluating IS success is difficult due to its infinite possibilities and because of its context, use, users and impact of IT is in constant change. However, one should not get overwhelmed, as the key attributes taken into account to measure success (eg information quality, system quality, usage and results) remain consistent. The biggest challenge that organizations face nowadays regarding the successful and effective application of IS is to lose track of these basics and, instead, focus too much on the evolving sophistication of IT.

What to do to avoid this? Never forget that context and content of IT and IS is based on real people who belong to real organizations in a real society. Thus, evaluate, think and plan accordingly.

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