Five years of international Theatron


This year Theatron celebrates five years since entering the international market. Our international customers have played and still play a big part in how Theatron has been shaped over the years, and how it keeps on evolving further.

Until 2014 Theatron had grown solidly in Finland and had already gained many of Finland’s bigger theatres as its users. Since there was already a Swedish language version of Theatron in use in some of Finland’s Swedish speaking theatres, it was only natural, that our first customer outside of Finland was a theatre in Sweden. Folkteatern Göteborg started using Theatron as our first international customer at the end of the year 2014.

The following year Folkteatern was followed by our first Estonian customer as well as a couple of Swedish theatres and later in the year the first Norwegian theatres joined the growing group of Theatron users. The functionalities for a touring theatre were added at this point by request from Swedish and Norwegian theatres.

2016 was our big year of growth in the Norwegian market and we also gained the two bigger theatres of Iceland as our customers. Along with these new customers the function of splitting events into subevents was introduced to the software. Since then Theatron has grown steadily in the Nordics. The first Danish customer started using Theatron in 2017, making Theatron a tool used in all of the Nordic countries.

2018 we headed outside of the Nordics, gaining our first Russian customer in St. Petersburg and this year our first Latvian and Spanish customers. The newest addition to Theatron requested by our international customer theatres, was the milestones feature, which helps in the long-term planning.

Today Theatron is used in total in nine different countries, which highlights its adaptability to different demands and into different circumstances. Theatron has truly become an international European solution, but still with a strong home base in the Nordics.

Picture: Jonas Jacobsson

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