Top reasons why not to start using a better planning system, and our take on them


There are a few common reasons we have encountered over the years, for sticking with an unsatisfactory planning process, rather than replacing it with a better functioning one. Here are some of our thoughts on them!

1. We already have a system that works ok.

If it really does work well for you and everyone else involved, then yes, no need to change. Often though it’s a case of being stuck in an uncomfortable comfort zone, meaning that yes, it does work on some level, but it’s not smooth, there are a lot of unnecessary steps you need to take to get to your goals and there is a dissatisfaction that surfaces regularly from time to time: “why can’t we do this an easier/more modern way?” “Should we search for something new?” But, the process of starting to work with a better functioning system requires first and foremost investing some time into the process. Which leads us to reason number 2.

2. We don’t have the time to invest into this at the moment.

This may be the number one reason why organizations stay stuck with an unsatisfactory planning process. Yes, you are busy with your day to day work. Investing your time in learning something extra can feel like it’s just additional work on top of everything else that needs to be taken care of. It is of course a real reason for the process to stall, or sometimes not get started at all, since a day only has a limited number of (working) hours.
What to do about it? Try setting intermediate goals and deadlines for the process: researching your options by a certain date, testing and discussing with your team, making a decision, finishing the implementation process. Also, if possible, it’s really helpful to get your team members involved in the process and to delegate different parts of, for example, the testing to your colleagues.

3. A change will be difficult to handle for our employees.

Implementing a new tool does of course require a period of learning ang getting used to working in a new way, from all the employees affected. This is a “cost” that needs to be counted into the process already from the start, while keeping the focus at the end result: a process that works smoother for everyone.
The good thing is, that when a new, intuitive planning system has been implemented, it’s always easier and faster for any new employees to jump in and learn the working methods of your organization.
An accountable software company will also support you in the process with the needed trainings and daily customer support, as it is in the best interest of the software provider as well, that everyone knows from the start what they are doing, and the customer gets the full benefits from what they have invested their time and money into.

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