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It dates back to 2015 when we first contacted with Den Nationale Scene. Since then, our Norwegian market has been growing up non-stop. However, it was not until this last year that our relation got closer. And after a few interesting discussions, DNS realized that Theatron might be actually the tool they were looking for all along.

But of course, DNS wanted to be sure that Theatron was going to help them before taking any serious decision. For that, we had the pleasure of meeting Sten Are Fogge, the Production Manager in DNS, in our office in Turku and go through all the details. This definitely helped them to make up their minds.

So, why have they chosen us?

“We chose Theatron because we needed a planning tool built for theatre and Theatron already had a lot of the features we were looking for. It is also an important factor that there are several Norwegian theatres that work as a workgroup for further development. The platform is intuitive and easy to use and it will make our planning a lot easier. The already well function Intranet is also an important piece of the package together with Mansoft employee’s high-quality level” says Sten.

About DNS

Den Nationale Scene is one of three national theatres in Norway and has a good reputation for bringing on both contemporary and classical theatre together with a close connection to foreign theatre countries. Today the theatre houses three stages and presents approximately 20 productions each year. There are around 150 people employed by DNS and a company of 40 actors at the theatre.

Read more about DNS here.

About Theatron

Theatron is the leading Nordic solution for theatres' scheduling and planning needs, serving today total 35 theatres. Theatron is available throughout Europe in any language.

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