Ugala Theatre chose Theatron OnTour


Ugala Theatre is Mansoft’s first Estonian theatre customer and second theatre using the Theatron OnTour version. Ugala Theatre will also do the Theatron translations into Estonian language after which it will be available for all Estonian theatres.

Ugala Theatre’s own theatre building is going to be fully renovated in the following few years but still the show must go on as usual. “We have to use various temporary places and locations while our own building is being renovated. This creates additional challenges for production planning, but especially it will effect on how we are able to contact everyone in our theatre company regarding where they should be and when. With Theatron OnTour we are able to not only plan our Schedule more effectively, but with the Intranet solution all our employees have the access to show and rehearsal timetables, work schedules etc that are always up to date. The great thing is that this can be done even with a mobile phone from anywhere,” comments Kristiina Alliksaar Executive Director for Ugala Theatre.

“Having Ugala Theatre as our customer is yet another great milestone for us. The ability and opportunity to provide theatre’s with tools that make their life a bit easier is of course rewarding and we welcome Ugala Theatre as our valued customer,” comments Samu Bäckman Managing Director from Mansoft.

Read more about Ugala Theatre.

The picture on top is from Ugala Theatres sound studio with actors practicing.

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