Finland celebrates its 99th Independence Day - Theatron its 11th year


Theatron was originally developed according to the needs and specifications of Finnish National Opera and Finnish National Theatre 11 years ago and Theatron grew eventually to be the leading production planning solution for theatres in Finland. Today Theatron is used by thirteen professional theatres in Finland for planning their productions and for sharing the schedules for the whole personnel.

The promotion of Theatron for theatres in other Nordic countries started some two years ago and currently Theatron handles the production planning for seven Norwegian, four Swedish, two Icelandic and one Estonian theatres in addition to the ones in Finland. During this time Theatron grew to be the leading production planning in the Nordics and the growth continues.

The next phase of Theatron internationalization started one month ago, and during this phase the goal is to discover how the theatres work in Germany, France, Spain, USA and Russia and if Theatron could also succeed in these markets. At the same time the work continues with the existing countries like England, Scotland and Wales.

Theatron will never be ready, as it is continuously developed in cooperation with the theatres based on the feedback and demands received from existing and new customers. We are thrilled and anxious to see what the next 11 years brings along!

Happy Independence Day for all our Finnish theatre customers!

The picture is from Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki

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