Latter (laughter in Norwegian) is not only Norway's most popular comedy theater, but also a fantastic restaurant and bars (both The Club stage and The Main stage have their own bars). Our communication regarding Theatron started in January 2022 and very efficiently they worked towards its implementation in a few months.

This leading Norwegian entertainment house opened its doors in the year 2004. In Latter you can experience performances from the country's greatest show comedians and the best stand-up comedians, to new, exciting talents. It has 17 permanent and 50 affiliated comedians. At Latter they arrange large and small events, and people can combine their private events with some of the entertainment that is available at the house at all times. Furthermore, all their stages are fully equipped and they are very proud of their qualified in-house technical team, who is there to ensure a smooth running of the events.

Their Main stage gathers 500 seats, and The Club stage is a spacious room with a capacity of up to 200 people. In addition to these 2 stages, they also have available an Event room fitting 80 people and an Outdoor stage with room for 200 people. Only the imagination sets the limits of what you can do at the Latter’s premises!

When asked about their decision of joining Theatron, Kjetil Husøy, head of the technical department, said: “With the large number of shows we do each year, using just spreadsheets didn’t feel safe anymore. Also, we needed some sort of reporting across stages and productions. Theatron, focusing on the exact needs for production houses, ticked the boxes for us”. In 2019, 695 shows were performed at Latter, which helps understand why an Excel sheet did not feel the correct tool for them anymore.

Read more about Latter here.


Photo taken from Latter's webpage.


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