Theatron goes south - Teatre Lliure in Spain chooses Theatron


Theatron goes south!

A couple of years ago we started discussing with Teatre Lliure, which was looking for a tool to centralize and coordinate the planning process of its activities. Today, we are proud to say that we have started a collaboration that will lead both to the development of Lliure and Theatron.

Teatre Lliure is a theater in Barcelona, considered one of the most prestigious in Spain and one of the most representative theaters of the performing arts in the country. On December 2, 1976 Teatre Lliure opened its doors, with the goal to understand the theater as a public service. Since then, shows are presented in its venues from texts, ideas and proposals from various areas and scenic languages, always with the purpose to reflect reality.

Lliure wants to be a theater that projects itself into the future and demonstrates it through the attitude of the staff. Active, curious and motivated to continue improving in every aspect. This has made it a benchmark in terms of implementation of the most advanced technology. The Technical Director of the Stage, César Fraga, and the Technical Coordinator, Rai García, are the people in charge of the implementation project of Theatron and this is what they say about it:

"Lliure has 3 theaters, 3 rehearsal rooms, press room, tours, etc. These spaces are filled with activity and it is necessary to have a tool that allows us to manage them. We need a tool to help us organize and we have found it. Theatron will be the tool that will help us organize all the activities in the most efficient way, improving the communication between all the theater departments. Access to information through Theatron is agile, instantaneous and available for all theater staff. Theatron is an agile, simple, intuitive and evolving program. "

In addition, Cesar comments that "We have found in Mansoft a company that is willing to listen to the customer, understand their needs and develop features to the software that are designed for the theater to which the program is intended. Implementing Theatron for Lliure has been a success so far".

This approach is very important for us and it is what differentiates us, so we are very happy to have started this collaboration, and we hope to grow together!

Read more about the Teatre Lliure here.



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