Folkteatern Göteborg chooses Theatron


Mansoft’s long-term work for developing Theatron and launching export operations in Sweden has been awarded as Folkteatern Göteborg chose Theatron and the integrated Intranet as their production planning solution for the future.

Through this contract Folkteatern Göteborg will start to utilize not only the production planning features, but fully automated payroll calculations, work time acceptance and other features included in the Theatron and the Intranet. The complete solution will streamline the theaters daily operations as well as provide a centralized way for delivering information within the whole organization. Integration into Folkteaterns payroll system reduces significantly the workload needed for accepting the work hours, removing the printing and manual work completely between the systems.

Folkteatern Göteborg has two own stages and the theater also tours mainly in Västra Götalands region. The theater has around 45 employees and the plays are performed for both adults and children.

“We chose Theatron because we have been looking at different systems for a long time and finally we found what we have been looking for! We are specialized in theater and production planning, not in computers and software. We now have to work and take us the time to get it into Theatron, but we are certain that Mansoft will deliver as promised and we are already looking forward to start working. Through Theatron we aim to spend more time making theater, which is what we are here for and spend less time in the office spinning papers”, says Anna Wemmer Clausen from Folkteatern.

Theatron is the leading solution for production planning in Finland and with the integrated Intranet it forms a powerfulset of tools for automating theaters production planning and work time planning, as well as delivering information for the organizations personnel. In addition the Intranet can handle for example the production of Info-TV views, table and serving reservations during intermission etc.

"Mansoft's goal is to increase the amount of Theatron customers outside Finland and expand our services to cover new countries in Europe. This contract with Folkteatern encourages us and shows we are on the right path", says Samu Bäckman from Mansoft.


For more information:

Folkteatern Göteborg

Anna Wemmert Clausen, Technical Director
+46 (0)31 60 75 55



Samu Bäckman, Managing Director
+358 44 770 0060


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